Where To Purchase In Store

Where To Find Our Products In Person

  • Southview Safeway, Grande Prairie Alberta
  • Wembley Huskey, Wembley Alberta
  • Bezanson General Store, Bezanson Alberta
  • Green Hawk, Grande Prairie Alberta
  • Sage + Cider House Grande Prairie Alberta
  • The Den,  Lloydminster Alberta
  • Artisan Loft, Red Deer Alberta
  • House of Gray, Grande Prairie Alberta

Are you a Brick and Mortar Company that would like to carry Western Beauty Co Products?


We are always looking to expand our brand and help our products be more accessible to our customers across Canada. If you are interested in carrying our products wholesale please take a minute to send us an email so that we can provide you with an updated wholesale price list! alana@westernbeautyco.ca


Check us out on Faire https://faire.com/direct/westernbeautyco